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Chemical Resistance of Jaco Fittings.( Polypropylene-white finish )
Other Materials Nylon Celon Kynar On Request. Suitable for metal,
Plastictubes and Nylon tube. It’s all USA all models are available in inch sizes.
Tube refer to catalogue page 65A, 65B,66

Polypropylene ( Jaco Fittings ) has good chemical resistnace, Withstands continuos temperature up to
215’F, Opaque, Unaffected by most weak acids and alkalies. Below175’F it has
good resistance to orgenic solvents. Do not use with oxidants or strong acids or in continuos
sunlight. N.S.F. Listed 20% glass filled for improved stiffness. Tube and fitting( Jaco Fittings ).
Lighty screw Nut in your hand, then use a wrence to tighten fully ( 1.5 to 2 turns)
If you will use a soft tube, it is better to use insert.
PolyBag 5/10 pcs